Travel Tech

If you’re looking for a way to update or digitize your travel plans look no further. Here are our top picks for most helpful and cost effective travel apps for you mobile phones and tablets.

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Flight Track

Never miss a flight again! With interactive maps, live updates, and the ability to connect others to your travel plans Flight Track by Mobiata is one of the best flight related apps on the market. The app color codes flight information to let you easily identify its status and keep your informed with the most precise information concerning your flight. Not the one flying? Flight track can let you follow the path of family and friends, keep track of the the status of their flight and even receive push notifications when it’s time to leave to meet them at the airport.



Flying to a different timezone? Use Entrain to help defeat jet lag. Designed by  Olivia Walch, a graduate student at the University of Michigan, and Danny Forger, a professor of mathematics and computational medicine at Michigan, the app uses cycles of light training in the days leading up to your trip to help you adjust the rhythms of your body to the rhythms of your destination. With a simple to use interface and clear instructions that app can be set to understand how much light you’re already getting to create a personalized plan.


XE Currency

Traveling out of the US? If yes XE Currency is your new best friend. The app can be used to keep you up to date on the most current conversion rates in between many currencies. The app can be personalized to update as frequently as you like, you can see multiple currencies at once and you can even add a widget of the app to your notification center for ease of access.



Travel List

Did you ever think your smartphone could pack your suitcase for you? Now it can. Trip List is a pre travel partner extraordinaire. The app works with predesigned lists as well as your own edits to help you design the perfect packing list and travel schedule. The app will also remind you of vital steps before you leave like charging your phone, the online flight confirmation, and more.




TravelSafe Pro


Unfortunately currently restricted to Android, the TravelSafe app can be one of the most important apps you download. TravelSafe is an interactive database of all the emergency numbers you may need nearly world wide. It will immediately connect you with any one of various emergency hotlines and government sourced numbers.






If you’ve ever wanted a personal assistant, this is about a close as you’ll get with an app. WorldMate is an app that compiles all your flight, hotel and rental information to one place and keeps you up to date with competing prices for all three. WorldMate also  provides calendar synchronization, real time flight updates, mobile flight check in and the ability to share travel plans with friends, family and colleagues.


Google Translate - Word Lens

Welcome to the future. This element of the Google translate app was released in 2012 and has since received tons of attention. The app uses smartphone cameras and augmented reality technology to translate signs and written word between languages. Simply open up the app and focus it on printed words you’d like to translate. The app then receives the image, translates the text and sends it back to you nearly instantaneously.



WhatsApp Messenger

This cross platform messaging app allows mobile devices across the globe to connect without having to pay for SMS messaging. The app connects to regularly purchased data and internet plans or Wifi to connect to others using the app. Once connected the app can be used internationally for easy text communication, audio and video messaging as well as phone calls.






Short and sweet, this community interaction based app is the answer to the core of what every traveler wants to know, how long is the TSA Security Check line? Simply input your airport of choice and eliminate the unknown. Now you’re able to plan ahead and know how much time to reserve for getting through the security line. Once you’re through just go back into the app and record how long it took you, travelers later in the day will thank you.

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